The American Dream Playbook

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Whether you were born here in the gran’ ‘ol U, S of A or immigrated here, chances are you want to be successful in one way or another. I know I do! That’s the real American Dream, right?


American Dream?

Despite what people say, the American Dream ain’t a myth. It has simply

transformed. It’s basically what you want it to be. Are y’all willing to do what it takes to achieve it? Don’t delay and start your dream today.

Decades ago, people practically shared the same dream – go to college and/or find a job, get married, buy a house with a white picket fence, have 2.5 kids and retire comfortably. That’s pretty straightforward. I’m not knocking it at all. In fact, that sounds like a pretty decent life plan…but times have changed and more options have emerged.

Don’t get me wrong, but much of society still attempt to achieve the old fashioned American Dream. I know several people out there who have played and are playing this through. I guess people wanna be like The Simpsons, sans the white picket fence and crazy adventures. Well maybe some of the latter. Y’all don’t want too tame a life, do you?

Because this is a playbook, that means there are limitless options. The nuclear family as they call it is a popular choice by far. Y’all don’t have to follow that play to a T, though. It’s funny that many of my friends – I’m sure y’all friends, too – are posting pics all over social media of their prime examples of the nuclear family. It is helladorable (hella adorable), but kinda cliché, ain’t it?

Another up and coming type of someone living the American Dream is the career-oriented individual. This type has been seen in media more and more, and it seems in this case that art imitates life. I can think of a few people who are focusing on their careers instead of tryna build a family. And that’s their prerogative. More power to them – living their own version of the American Dream.


Living the dream!

On the flipside, there are some individuals that enjoy their freedom, living their lives to fullest without family ties. Way to carpe diem! These types are those I admire because they’re out there traveling the world, having adventures, celebrating life and all that good stuff. They may or may not wanna set out to have a family and/or kids, and they’d be perfectly fine with that. Unlike the career-oriented person, they may not like their job, but it might provide them the freedom that they desire. To some, this path might be a dreadful thought.

With all these outrageous reality shows scattered about, another trending American Dream is to be a superstar. This play surely ain’t the practical approach, but it’s something people strive for. To achieve this, a person would either need unmistakable talent, hard work, the right connections or a combination of all three. This route may be the toughest, but it is doable for the fortunate ones.

On the less ambitious end of the American Dream spectrum, there are people who are struggling to survive. Some may have unfortunate circumstances which may make it difficult for them to succeed in life, but the real hustlers will change their fate. The rest will stay put and not live the American Dream to its potential. It could be a matter of not trying or laziness or apathy or whatever. Either way, they’re just asleep – figuratively speaking – dreaming the American Dream.

The few examples I have listed are just a variation of the types of plays in the American Dream Playbook. Just because the folks around you are playing it a certain way, it surely doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. It’s all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So go out there and chase your American Dream. But you gotta be fast, because life is even faster. It’s never too late. Like Nike alwaze said, just do it!

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