Worst Week in 2015? Part 2 of 2 – A Positive Plot Twist

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Greetings, loyal readers! May the good times alwaze outweigh the bad. For most people, that’s true. But it also depends on your outlook on life…

In my last slice, I discussed that I was still recovering from my wisdom teeth extractions and that my car was broken into. I then returned to the scene of the crime to search for my stolen belongings. If you haven’t already read part one, please do so before continuing. This slice will make more sense. You wouldn’t watch a sequel without watching the first instalment, would you?

I ended the last slice on Tuesday. As a reminder, I’ll make this slice shorter than the last. On Wednesday, my week was still going bad. Because my car was in the shop, I had to borrow my mom’s Camaro.

Upon leaving to work from my house, the car wouldn’t start. I had to get a jump from my neighbor. FYI, I travel from location to location for my job. At the first stop, I had to get another jump from my friend but her jumper cables didn’t work, leading me to believe that it was a faulty alternator. Thanks, tho, Jen! I then was approached by a stranger, a retired mechanic, who told me it was definitely a dead battery. Meanwhile, another bystander, an unemployed mechanic, with heavy duty cables saved the day. I thanked them, bid them adieu and went straight home; I didn’t want to get a jump at every location.

How I felt this week. And yes, I still play with my food.

How I felt this week. And yes, I still play with my food.

Thursday, a new day and a new car battery was acquired and replaced. The day went smoothly and seemed normal. I went to work, met with my cuzo and his girl to eat, then went bowling.

Friday followed suit. I got paid and a fresh fade. I worked then played, by celebrating two birthdays by first going to Dark Horse Lounge in Hayward and had some flirty action with a few female patrons. We then hit up a house gathering to further celebrate and shared laughs and swapped stories.

Saturday, I got my baby back! Silvia got a new rear window, this time with not a tint, but privacy glass. Twas only a $100 deductible, in case y’all wondering. They even washed and vacuumed her, looking fresh off the lot. So sexy! Lol. I zoom zoomed to work and ended the week at another birthday celebration.

By the end of the week, my wisdom teeth pain subsided and so did the bad luck. It really pours when it rains. On Saturday, by the way, as I drove to work, it was at first sunny. A few miles down the freeway, it really started pouring, then I escaped to sunlight.

It reminded me of a simple simile; when you are traveling on the road of life, you will encounter different types of weather. If you keep on trucking, you will change the forecast. While on this road, aside from moving forward, friends and family (and kind strangers) help the rough times easier, as it did for me this supposed worst week.

Going back to ones’ outlook, I could’ve moped about and dwelled on the negative events, but I played Silver Linings and ended the week strong. As I tell people on their birthdays:

May the good times alwaze outweigh the bad. 

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