Worst Week in 2015? Part 1 of 2

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We can’t truly appreciate good times without having bad times. 

We all have bad days, bad weeks and even bad years, but never a bad life.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Whatever doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

These were some uplifting thoughts I had during this bad week. But instead of focusing on the negative, we gotta change our thinking and utilize the Silver Linings Playbook. Great movie, by the way. When bad things happen, as it did this week, we must see the positive perspective.

Although the title of this slice is negative, I started it with positivity. Like life, it’s a balance. We sometimes have to take the good with the bad. As y’all read in my slice about my wisdom teeth, I was still recovering earlier this week. Twasn’t the best start of the week, being in pain and all. That was Sunday.

Monday started great. I had sushi for lunch and later met with my good friend, Julie Anne, for drinks, games and good convo at Plank in Oakland. Upon returning to my car, the awesome night immediately went sour. See photo.

Silvia got abused...

Silvia got abused…

I parked on Broadway, a main street, and it wasn’t even midnight. It took awhile to register when I saw my blanket and a Marc Jacobs satchel on the ground. Because I have bad vision, I saw that the window was broken the closer I got – a gaping hole like the ones in my gums. SMH. I parked directly under a streetlight as I did the last time my old car was broken into. 

I didn’t have tinted windows and I used a blanket to cover the many items in the trunk, which I believe is a dead giveaway. It’s a Catch 22 really – leave it exposed or cover it. To thieves, it didn’t matter. After cleaning the glass – Thanks, Julie Anne and Josh! – I thought the crooks didn’t steal anything. Upon driving home, I was wrong. They stole my super durable Power Bar gym bag, which had clothes, Beats products, a toiletry bag with my antibiotics and pain killers, and stuff I’ll discover later in the week. That night, because I had no pain meds, I did not sleep well.

Tuesday, I started to get over the fact that my car got broken into. I then realized my planner was in the gym bag. My planner! My priceless and nostalgic planner that helped me get thru college by being OCD organized. My planner had my WFG notebook and a cool, chrome butterfly knife I just obtained from Arizona during my #33rdBdayRoadTrip (which can be viewed on Instagram). Instead of going to work, I picked up my replacement meds and returned to the scene of the crime to possibly find the stolen contents. I’m crazy, I know. But I never give up right away.

I swooped up my cuzo, Joe, and we smashed to Oakland in my mom’s Camaro. I explained that we were looking for my gym bag and planner. The first time we circled the block, Joe asked me what color and brand was my notebook, and in the craziest coincidence, a homeless dude was reading my blue 5-Star First Gear WFG notebook. I stopped the car and Joe retrieved it from the guy. Instantly, the notebook gave me hope that there’s more of my stuff around. Thanks, Joe!

BookWe searched for about two hours, checking bushes, garbage bins and dumpsters. Early on, I found a small, inspirational book of mine, that I forgot was in the gym bag in the gutter, about half a block from where I parked my car. See photo. That and the notebook were the only things we found. Both these items hold a significance to me. The notebook had priceless info, as well as sketches I did. The book can also serve as a reminder that persistence and determination is key to success. Together, I took it is a positive sign.

We went to eat afterwards. This concludes half the week. In part two, I’ll speak on the rest of the week, but in less words and wrapped up with a moral of the story. Stay tuned, loyal readers.

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