Do You “Talk” Too Much?

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Upon reading the title of this slice, you’re probably answering to yourself, “No, I don’t.” Before answering without knowing the context I speak of, consider this: People talk all the time without any action.

As humans, we often say things we’re gonna do to appease others and even ourselves with little to no action behind them. I admit I’ve been guilty of this. I’m sure y’all are, too. But this year, I’m taking action on things I’ve said and things I say.

There are three types of people in life: Those that watch what happen, those that make things happen and those that wonder, “What happened?”

It’s obvious that those who make things happen are those who take action. These are the doers. These are the people who follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. These are the people that we should look up to and try to be like.

The other two types are those who are spectating and procrastinating. Depending on the situation, we’ve been in these categories. I know I have. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tryna avoid these two mental traps.

Many of us go into situations with the intention of completing tasks/goals that we verbally agree with. Whatever the reasons, valid or not, we talk the talk, but not all of us walk the walk. It’s easy to say we’re gonna do it, but talk is cheap. Taking action can take some effort and herein lies the problem.

In the movie Collateral with Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx’s character is a cab driver who speaks of owning a limo service to deal with the woes of his dead-end job. He talks to his fares about his limo business, yet that’s all he does. Cruise calls BS on Foxx for not taking any action on his dreams. It’s an ok movie, btw.

Speaking of BS, many people doubt themselves on accomplishing their dreams. I can understand BSing yourself out of doing chores and unwanted duties, but not something that can change your life for the better. It is tough to start on the road to success. It’s daunting even. Like Nike, just do it.

When drinking, people say this and that and are even really hyped about whatever it is that is being said, but as they call it what it is, bulls***ing is upsetting. When I make these cool plans when under the influence, I actually want them to materialize into something real. But I learned years ago that people love to BS when drinking. SMH.

Taking action is the first step from talking. No matter how small the step is, it’s better than just talking. Take action and make traction So lemme ask y’all again: do you talk too much?

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  • Nice, ‘Rye’. Some good points here. Part of what I’m trying to nail down this year too. I have been a chronic procrastinator. It’s really hard to pull yourself out of. You’re having to change habits… it’s like for people trying to quit smoking. People say it’s the habit that’s harder to quit, than the actual cigarette.

    • Rye says:

      Thanks for commenting, Vanessa! Now procrastination is a real killer. That’d be a great slice…but I’ll get to that later. Lol, get it? It definitely is the habit. Everyone knows it’s bad, but the habit is too…familiar. People need to get into Breaking Bad… Habits. Ha!

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