My “Extraction” Point on Wisdom Teeth

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I alwaze wanted to keep my wisdom teeth. I figured that I would die with them still intact and untouched. But as fate would have it, that wasn’t the case. On the morning of 2.20.15, I had my wisdom teeth pulled.

The weeks leading up to it, I asked many people if they have had their wisdom teeth pulled. Roughly about 50 percent of those I asked had the teeth-pulling procedure done. Out of those, I’d say about 30 percent had complications, including infections and dry socket. I wanted to know if I was able to work after getting my teeth pulled.

Since I do nothing but talk for my job, I was definitely concerned. Many people told me that I’d need at least two to three days to heal my gums. Some even mentioned that it might take a week. Either way, I didn’t wanna disrupt my healing process by constant talking.

I only had two teeth extracted – upper right and bottom left. In dental terms, 1 and 17. My upper right was actually a fang. It made me think I was part vampire. I thought it was cool, but what wasn’t was I would randomly bite my inner cheek when eating. A few times, it was was bloody. No bueno, indeed. The other was partially erupted, which meant that it wasn’t fully exposed. Food would get stuck in there constantly and it was tough to clean. Hence, it had to go. It was a preventive measure from inevitable decay and/or infection.

So, on Friday morning at Fallon Dental Group in Dublin – Wassup, y’all! – the traveling oral surgeon, Dr. Patel, put me to sleep and pulled out my wisdom teeth. In what seemed like an instant, I awoke drugged up with gauze in my mouth. The procedure was done. And two of my teeth were gone. I thought it was unnecessary, but I was literally wheeled out to the car, as if I were a rookie drunk in a Vegas night club.

My designated driver (my mom) and I immediately went to Target to swoop my meds, including antibiotics, rinse and pain killers. I was definitely in an altered state walking around buying non-solid foods. Reminds me of my misspent youth actually..

Anyways, I spent the next few days isolated and quiet on a movie binge as I recovered in a warm bundle with blood-soaked gauze in my mouth. On the menu, I had soup, yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, ice cream, Jell-O and did I say soup? I now know how an old person diet is. I’m not looking forward to it.

I’ll be writing a slice on it soon, but my car got broken into on Monday night and they stole my gym bag with my meds in it. That night, I barely slept due to the pain. I didn’t think it would last that many days, but it was the first time without meds since Friday.

Lastly, wisdom teeth can be like life. It’s inevitable. It can be good or bad. When problems occur, you put up with it or you remove the problem…or just resolve it.

Please share your extraction experiences, whether good or bad. 

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