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It’s been quite some time since I was wowed by a spy movie. Kingsman: The Secret Service delivered in all aspects of what a great spy movie should be.

Instead of just reviewing this amazing piece of theatrical art, I will list the five elements (one for each slice) of what I believe makes a great movie.

Talk about killer legs...

Talk about killer legs…

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that I had high expectations for this movie and Kingsman surpassed them. Aside from the key five elements below, the movie had great pacing, awesome angles and cinematography, as well as excellent morals, despite much violence.

Hero’s Journey

After having trouble with the law, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) calls a special phone number on a pendant he received when his father died. Galahad (Colin Firth) balls him out and reveals that Eggsy’s late father was part of a non-governmental, secret spy organization called Kingsman.

Soon enough, Eggsy is invited by Galahad to join Kingsman, but only after training and several tests along with other recruits. However, only one will be chosen. Eggsy learns the tricks of the trade and values that accompany what it is to be a Kingsman, including training a puppy, teamwork, loyalty and manners.

We witness Eggsy’s transformation from a discouraged boy into a cunning Kingsman.


The hero is only as good as the villain, so they say. Batman has the Joker. Austin Powers has Dr. Evil. And in every spy movie, 007, Bourne, Ethan Hunt have a new adversary. Kingsman has billionaire tech genius Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) who has a lisp and dresses like hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. His right-hand woman Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) has swords for prosthetic legs and she is as deadly as she is beautiful.


In almost every spy movie, the baddies want to take over the world. Otherwise, they want a ridiculously high ransom or in possession of weaponry, probably to destroy the world. Either way, they usually are hell bent on power and/or destruction. Valentine is a quirky one. He wants to save the Earth from its greatest virus – humans – before Earth naturally does it. It’s up to Eggsy and Kingsman to stop him. Violence ensues, which leads us to…


For me, hand-to-hand combat is fascinating to watch. It’s expected in all action flicks, but adding fights in a spy movie definitely adds to the appeal. Bourne raised the bar in this area. Kingsman raises it even more, with its combat choreography and fast-paced angles.


What’s a spy film without the awesome gadgetry and advanced technology? It’s a spy thriller, not spy action. Spy Game didn’t need the toys to do well for it had the smarts. But admit it, it’s not as exciting. In Kingsman, both the good guys and Valentine had the latest technology, including bulletproof umbrellas and suits, poison pens and exploding implants.

All in all, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a superb movie. It’s entertaining from start to finish and aside from the spy stuff, y’all can learn some values.

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