Flus Rush In in 2015

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For the entire 2014, I haven’t been sick like this. Then on Saturday, 1.3.15, just three days into the new year, I had to legitimately call in sick, which I rarely do. So for five days now, I’ve been resting/suffering at home and missing work (double meaning).

On Saturday, the first sign of my sickness appeared upon showering. Even when the water was steaming, I was shivering. Then later at a meeting, headaches, bodyaches and joint pain appeared. The former, which rarely happens was a big sign. Unfortunately, the other two symptoms are more of a common occurrence nowadays due to older age. SMH.

I dunno the exact reasons why I got sick, but I guess it’s my turn to suffer. Here are 10 reasons why I’m sick:
1.) Facebook withdrawals.
2.) My blog has a virus, so it’s only natural I get one, too.
3.) Touching headphones on a public display.
4.) Not drinking alcohol as much.
5.) Driving in my car without the heater on.
6.) I won the sick lottery.
7.) My team was sick, and it was the cool thing to do.
8.) I wished I took a couple of days off and it came true.
9.) I had this “sick” idea and it manifested physically.
10.) Since 2014 FLU by, 2015 made sure I slowed down.

Today, I went to work simply because I’m tired of using my PTO. Luckily, I felt better than days prior, but couldn’t survive without meds. Yesterday, I stayed home without meds and felt fine. I guess work does take a toll on our bodies. Or was it simply because it takes more effort to fend off more germs? Either way, my immune system is still too weak to run on normal speed. *Daydream of the future* I can’t wait until medical nanobots initiate a program to seek and destroy all harmful viruses within our bodies. *End dream*

Being sick threw off my game in several aspects. Before I continue, being sick really makes you appreciate being healthy. If y’all don’t know, I have a full plate – full-time job and a part-time business, attempting to maintain fitness and relationships, as well as achieving goals. Maybe, thass why I’m really sick…Anyways, I was good on the go and getting the flu, hella slu (not a real word) me down, like Big Hero on low battery. It messed up my routine, killed my mojo, ruined my promotion, postponed my video and tarnished my swagger. Bottomline is that being sick immobilizes your life. Fortunately, these things can be made up for.

All I know is that I’m steadily getting better and I’ll be back to Tasmanian Devil mode in no time. That’s why it’s so important to not only stay free from diseases, but to maintain overall health and cleanliness.

Brain crumbs (afterthoughts): Doesn’t all food taste gross when you’re sick?
Germs are everywhere! It’s the only time of the year I’m a germaphobe.

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