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This is the first slice from my old blog that I’ll be posting to honor Throwback Thursday.


The word deadline is such a negative term. I would imagine that it would create some serious pressure for those who are under deadline. From the start of an assigned a task, you have a certain amount of time to complete it, just like defusing a bomb. When you finish the task, your life is spared.

In the workplace, especially in journalism, deadlines are

Lifelines are the bomb

Lifelines are the bomb

no joke! People are constantly waiting on articles to be completed to start other assignments. For instance, I was a page editor at The Spectator of Chabot College and also wrote articles. When articles are assigned, they are expected to be done by deadline, which are Mondays at 5 p.m. Only a select few actually followed this. I know damn well it wouldn’t be tolerated in the real world.

A DEADLINE to live by

A DEADLINE to live by

My job was to lay out the actual page…but how was I supposed to lay out pages if I had no articles to do so? It wasted my time because I had to wait. I could’ve been done sooner and be off to do something I’d rather do, like run, read or relax. Even then, the publishers were waiting for us to finish so they can run the press. When I transferred to San Francisco State University, I worked on the Golden Gate [X]Press, expecting things to run more smoothly. The only thing different was that there were more pages.

That is what college and work is all about – deadlines: meeting them and learning to handle other factors that might be an obstacle in meeting the deadline. For example, homework and essays are based strictly on meeting deadlines, as well as to help study for tests. I do give props to those who work well under pressure and meet deadline. It’s not an easy task, but adrenaline or usually caffeine comes in handy during these times.

In the real world, deadlines are everywhere. From being punctual and accomplishing tasks to returning from lunch on time and paying bills, there is always a deadline. I prefer to view life from a positive angle, usually obtuse, and I say deadline should be changed to lifeline.

What an ultimatum

What an ultimatum

Wasn’t that on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, you may be thinking. Yes, it was, and it is a more proactive approach. Instead of subconsciously thinking you’re going to die or feeling pressured, a lifeline would be the same concept by putting a positive spin on things. Also, a deadline sounds more like an obligation, whereas a lifeline is something you may want to do. Plus, when you accomplish a lifeline, it’ll feel more satisfying.

On the show, there were three lifelines: 50-50, Ask the Audience and Phone-a-Friend. You can actually apply these to real life. Ask the Audience and Phone-a-Friend is basically the same; with either one, you’re consulting someone. The 50-50 option is always in effect, you do or you don’t.

With a deadline, your (professional/academic) life is on the line. With a lifeline, you have options to help you accomplish your goals. Keep in mind, people are almost alwaze waiting for you. If no one is waiting, you’ll suffer the consequences or miss out on a golden opportunity. Either way, do what you can before you flatline.

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