Slippery Fishes – “the one that got away”

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Many guys have variations of tales of “the one that got away.” I may be talking about fishing, but I’m a lover, not a fisher. I don’t know if girls have tales like this, so I’ll just write on what I know.

Sure you are...

I guess you can say I regularly go on dates with different women. Don’t judge me. In hindsight, I’ve dated women who piqued my interest, some who are truly amazing and others who I’m gladly not in touch with. On the flipside, there are those who I wish I were still involved with, or at least friends with.


I’m a romantic, or at least I think I am…but I guess it depends on the person. Could it be that we are blinded by infatuation that we don’t realize that a person is worthy as a lifetime lover? Or could it be that we simply get bored after a certain amount of time, whether it be a week or a decade? I seriously give major props to those who have seemed to find their better halves. I knowingly had opportunities that could’ve resulted in a long-term relationship or even marriage, but could it be my mild ADD? Commitment issues? Feelings of inadequacy in relationships? Missing out on potentially better love opportunities? All of the above, perhaps? Whatever it is, I have a list of “the few that got away.”


As the cliché saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Fishermen know this well. This is where the danger lies. By applying this maxim to dating, we are conditioned to think that there is something better. I fell prey to this catch and release notion too many times. Again, much kudos to those who truly appreciate their catches. I hate to take the cynical perspective and think that people will settle with what they got, but as an individual who thinks the world of love, I just wonder: How do you know when someone is worth spending your whole life with?


I’ve made decisions and acted selfishly, which resulted in broken hearts, simply put, and I am very disappointed with myself. I occasionally think back and alwaze wonder, “What if…” …I did say, “Yes?” …I wasn’t the other man? …we took a chance at a real thing? …I didn’t go back to/choose her? …I did stay in school? …I wasn’t too intimidated by your beauty? …I didn’t date your friend? …I did watch your performance? …there was no open relationship? …I did write back? …we never broke up? You get the point.


“The one that got away” ain’t the person whom you just met. Otherwise, that could be a weekly, or a daily, occurrence. It’s a person whom you known for a period of time and got to actually know and discuss mutual interest or shared some sort of sparkage. Whatever the reason is as to why you didn’t pursue this person to your liking, knowing that this person reciprocated, will have you thinking, “What if…”


Say you did pursue this special someone – things were great; life was good; connection was solid. You then somehow messed up, or something triggered an inevitable separation. That person can also be considered “the one that got away” after having several recollections. It’s also a case of drifting apart. Either way, you had your moment with that person. It’s time to move on, so you can again be like Stella, and get your groove on.

"I once caught a fish this big!" -Kevin Kline in Dave

Writing this slice conjures up many memories, and I hope it has for you, Reader. Take this information into consideration and note that you should not live in regret, but look to future opportunities. Some things weren’t meant to be. Good things end so better things can happen. Or if you’re looking for a more optimistic insight, paths may cross again. All in all, “the one that got away” alwaze makes for a great story.

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  • V Guillermo says:

    Wow dude1 Didn’t know you could actually write! Good story. Although, I thought you were gonna go thru ur own personal list of ur “ones that got away”. And then you didn’t n left me wanting more… I meant more to read. 😛 Giid stuff though. Didn’t know you were so talented! Awesome! Keep it up!

  • Good Catch! says:

    Insightful! Very relatable. But I always thought that I was “the one that got away.” And I agree, if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. Very good read.

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