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My Eulogy for Michael Bisbee – Emotional Earthquakes

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All over the world, earthquakes strike random cities every few hours or even minutes. Check the USGS for real time updates. Most are small and some are big. We almost alwaze hear about the big ones, mostly cuz they cause damage to buildings. For the smaller ones, we only know about them if we feel it. Californians know what I’m talking about! Did anyone hear about the 5.1 magnitude earthquake in SoCal last week? *pause for crowd response*

Like earthquakes, death is a Read more…

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The Bisbee Flow – a poem

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I wrote this around 2009. I was inspired to write it because many words can rhyme with Bisbee. For the first time ever published and publicized and in honor of my dear friend, Michael Bisbee, here is my poem, rap, spoken word or whatever ya wanna call it: Read more…

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Dolores Park-ing Fee!

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If y’all haven’t heard, Dolores Park has launched a two-month-long pilot program for space reservations. And the crowd goes wild with boos and hisses.

Read the article from SFist first here. Be informed before continuing…

First of all, I’m for this 100 percent. Before y’all get butt hurt (upset), I’ll explain my piece like an ant’s body
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The Lights

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This poem manifests from two things: tonight’s Fitbit 10,000 daily step goal run. Ha! Anyone else do this? Lol. And before the run, I watched an awesome video clip explaining how rappers make rhymes. So naturally, I began rhyming on my run. Read more…

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Prez Race 2K16: What a D-Bacle!

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My sentiments exactly!

Trump. SMH, Donald Trump. Donald T. Don T. Don’t! Don’t do it! He puts the D in debacle. I’ll get to him later. I’m not here to tell y’all who to vote for, nor to discuss my political preference, but to share my thoughts on the debacle that is the 2016 presidential election.


"Govern this!" *sword swipe* *head rolls*

Remember the last time a celebrity ran for office? Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected as governor of California. It wasn’t horrible, nor was it great, but that was just a state. Because he was the Last Action Hero, people most likely associated his on-screen heroism as his real-life persona. That ain’t the smartest thing in a political arena, but I get it. Ah’nuld will save California like he did in the movies, right?! We survived and are continuing to survive, so oh well.

However, unlike the Governator, the Donald ain’t

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The American Dream Playbook

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Whether you were born here in the gran’ ‘ol U, S of A or immigrated here, chances are you want to be successful in one way or another. I know I do! That’s the real American Dream, right?


American Dream?

Despite what people say, the American Dream ain’t a myth. It has simply

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When “Anxiety Attacks” – A Helpful Guide

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"Get these words outta my hair!"

Some may say, “It’s all in your head.” Uh, yeah, where else would anxiety attacks occur? It happens more than we realize. According to WebMD, over six million adults are affected by panic disorder. Thing is we don’t talk about it as much as bad days, failed relationships and horrible politics. Before we brush it off again, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. This will be a longer slice than usual, for it is a serious subject, but the knowledge I’m dropping will have you read without stopping.

I personally believe that panic disorder is a first-world problem. In other countries, they have real issues to think about, like eating and surviving. In the US, we are spoiled beyond belief and our egos are too big for our own good. Don’t get me wrong, but many Americans live their lives without any mental problems. However, we all got problems.

I have suffered from two major anxiety attacks that I’ll be sharing in this slice. I definitely ain’t a doctor, but I’ll share what triggered the major attacks and what helped me stop minor ones from becoming full blown. 

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Wins and Even More Losses

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A timely text.

Two weeks ago, my cuzo Dex randomly texted me if I lost my competitive spirit. After a bit of analyzing, I said no. See above photo. And now, I’ll explain and recap what we discussed and add my own insights to the equation.

This text was sent days after Super Bowl 50. Funny thing tho is that thoughts of sportsmanship, competitiveness and losing were then floating in my head and actually prompted me to write a slice. Super Bowl 50 was only ok since both teams were highly defensive. Twas more like a regular season game.

Anyways, I’ve alwaze been competitive. It feels great to win. I may almost never show it, but if there are stakes involved, whether it’s money, bragging rights or even the slightest chance to “win,” best believe I’m
Read more…

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Ip Man 3 – review

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Far East versus West

Martial arts movies hardly reach the theaters nowadays. It seems comic book and CGI-heavy flicks outweigh them in the action genre. But it’s ok, I guess. I’m here to talk about Ip Man 3. Even though this awesome film ain’t in all theaters, it’s definitely worth the trip to the closest one. I suggest Shattuck Theaters in Berkeley. You can have a drink in the auditorium, if that’s your thing.

Anyways, I’ve trained myself to not go into any movie, or anything really, with high expectations. I don’t read reviews, but word of mouth sometimes catches my ears, which don’t hold much weight to me.

Don’t get me wrong, but I still get excited about some movies and this is one of them. Not many receive my five-slice Toasty rating, but Ip Man 3 sure did! Alright, enough rambling, here’s why:

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Pretty Little Woman: A Short Encounter with a Tiny Hooker

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Little people need love, too.

I’m sure the headline caught y’all attention. Ha! This is a true story. But before I continue, I wanna state that I don’t mean to offend anyone by using politically incorrect terms. If I do, please correct me pronto and I’ll change it asap. After all, this is storytelling and I just want to entertain y’all with my words and puntastic writing. Also, this slice is somewhat explicit, so be forewarned.

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